Back pain is a general symptom, but what are other back out of alignment symptoms?

We know that proper posture will generally improve your overall health as you will be more active, you will use your muscles to their fullest extent and your shoulders will be strong, which will lead to less stress in the neck.

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For years, I thought these were just for massage, but let me tell you, they really do a great job at aligning your vertebrae.  Poorly aligned vertebrae usually cause pain by pinching nerves or putting stress on muscles.

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Back Pain Causes

There are some very common yet overlooked signs that your back may be out of alignment and I will discuss a few of those below.

You’ve probably heard of vertebrae if you have been doing any research on back pain. Vertebrae are bones that are cushioned by discs that act as shock absorbers. The ligaments in the back will connect the vertebrae creating a power and strong column to support your body.

Your vertebrae being the central backbone of your body is very important to just about every movement that you make as everything is supported by your back. A simple misalignment, which doesn’t always mean you need surgery, can throw off many of your bodies natural rhythms.

What are the back out of alignment symptoms?

Do you have full range of motion?

I typically put this as the number one indicator that you may have some sort of issue with your back either from an acute injury, chronic injury or from prolonged bad posture practices.

Why does a misalignment in the back cause a limited range of motion?

If you think about it, you have these vertebrae that move with every motion you make, if one of them is out of place, it may come in contact with another vertebrae and stop any further movement. It’s as if the vertebrae in the back are binding up.


If you find that your shoulders seem to not be at the same level when you are looking in the mirror, there is a good chance that you may have a back alignment problem. This isn’t always the case, but it is an indicator.

I have seen people using a full body mirror to test if their back is out of alignment, I have not tested this myself, but thought I would share.

back out of alignment symptomsYou take a full body mirror and mark the points such as chin, armpit, knee, hip on one side. Once you have those 4 or 5 points on the mirror, you simply turn around and line the other half of your body up with those dots. If they do not line up, that may be an indicator of a back alignment problem. I can’t really see me trying that test, but hey, like I said, thought I would share.

Check your leg lengths

Both of your legs should be the same size, if you notice that one is longer than the other, this may be a sign that the pelvis may be misaligned. Another thing to check is your range of motion, while you are trying to touch the tips of your toes, see if you can reach the same distance with both arms.

If you have leg lengths that are different sizes, even by 1/2 of an inch, you are putting a lot of over stress on your body which may actually make the back, knee and/or hip pain worse.

Correct posture is a must in today’s society. We live fast paced lives and do not get the recommended daily exercise that we should be getting. Couple this with the computer age where everyone is sitting hunched over their computers, poor posture has become common place. Those are some of the back out of alignment symptoms, check yourself and do some further reading on back posture.

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