feeling good dietWell, it’s the second day of my tuna fish diet.  You can Read Day 1 By Clicking Here.

I’m already noticing a couple of things.  I generally feel like I am in far better health than just two days ago.  I definitely am a touch dizzy, but I have just taken a Multi-Vitamin Supplement to try to combat that.

The good things I feel are interesting.  I just overall feel “lighter”, I don’t feel sluggish and bogged down as I usually do.  I’m wondering if this is due to the fact that I’m not eating carbohydrates?  It also seems that my mind is a bit sharper.  Usually I have to test my physical strength for the day before I commit to doing anything, but today, I feel as though I can just go out and do whatever I need.  I know I have the energy.

Could this be an indication that I have some food allergies or something like Gluten Intolerance?  I really have to get in touch with somebody that knows about health and diets for people with chronic fatigue and try to get some answers.  It’s almost like the opposite is happening.  I thought I would be completely blown out and exhausted, yet it’s the opposite.

Well, that’s about all for now, just wanted to update you.  So far I probably have more questions than answers and am quite puzzled at how my body is feeling.

Rob Loyst
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